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CTV news - The Five and Dine, Feb 10, 2022


Boneless fried chicken

One lb fried chicken. Comes with pickled radish, one soft drink, and one sauce on the side

Tteok galbi sandwich

Half lb minced beef, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and teriyaki in a toasted garlic butter ciabatta.

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New menu!! Grilled Tteok galbi, Grilled LA galbi, and popular dessert Sweetpotato cheesecake.


Bulgogi pasta!! Marinated beef with house salad and garlic bread


Three pieces potato croquette


Chicken stock based seafood ( shrimp, squid, mussel ), bamboo, black mushroom, imitation crab meat, and veggies on rice. Choose one side dish between Kimchi and Bean sprouts *Kimchi contains shrimp, fish sauce* *Bean sprouts contains fish powder*


Enjoy with our draft beer between Beau's Lug Tread, Carlsberg Import, Erdinger Weissbier, and Alexander Kieth's

Pork Belly Steak

Pork belly steak with ssamjang, spring mix, and one choose side dish between mashed potato, baby potato, and rice.

Bulgogi sandwich

Our best seller!! Bulgogi sandwich only or Bulgogi sandwich with choose one side wetween babe potato, house salad, and korean miso sou[

Korean Fried Chicken

Full Fried Chicken. 22 pieces, pickled radish, two sauce, and two soft drink.

281 Kent st, Ottawa

Limited Special dessert in Feb!! We have Brownie as a dessert for this month only. Try our Home-made Brownie with hot chocolate and ice cream

Kimchi-veggie mandu

6 pieces Kimchi-veggie mandu (dumpling) with spicy ponzu sauce.


Spicy seafood bowl. Spicy sauce based seafood (shrimp, squid, mussel) and veggies on rice. It's come with home-made kimchi

Bulgogi fajita

Bulgogi fajita. Bulgogi made with marinated beef and veggies. It's comes with spicy mayo, cheese, cabbage, and 8 tortillas on the side.

Bulgogi stew

Bulgogi stew. It's made with bulgogi, sweetpotato noodles, mushrooms, and various vegetables. Dine-in only

Steak Bite

Steak Bite. 10oz striploin steak. Marinated with bulgogi sauce. It's limited per day and dine-in order only.

Bulgogi flatbread

Bulgogi flatbread. 4 pieces of bulgogi flatbread!

Bulgogi sandwich

Bulgogi sandwich

Spicy Seafood Udon soup

Spicy seafood udon soup - red base

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Grilled Chicken wings

soy based chicken wings

Sweetpotato cheese cake
Shrimp roll

Home-made shrimp roll

Pork cutlet

Pork cutlet with demi-glace sauce and add cheese

Veggie bowl

Veggie bowl soy base

Cutlet udon soup

Fish stock based udon soup with cutlet

Korean Fried Chicken - Half chicken

Half chicken (for 1-2) - 11 pieces

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Peter Hum's Best bites of 2020 - Best sandwich Dec 28, 2020

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Publish on Ottawa Citizen, Sep 30, 2020

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